Independent Nutrition & Dairy Farm Management

Since 1995 Ghost Hollow Consulting, LLC has been providing dairy cattle nutritional and dairy farm management consulting to large dairy farms. We also perform records analysis for farm owners and managers to help target areas of opportunity with more precise efficiency. It is our mission to ensure that herds perform with the optimal mix of high production, excellent health, and reproduction at the lowest cost in order to maximize profitability. We are capable of providing aid to dairy operations world-wide and we continue to expand our available services offered to our clients around the globe.

Precision Nutrition, Ration Modeling, and Monthly Herd Evaluation

Our farm management records analysis is the best in the industry. Our focus is on finding the profit-draining problem areas in cattle management and capitalizing on the positive attributes, to improve your bottom line. The services we provide such as Precision Nutrition, Ration Modeling, and Monthly Herd Evaluation programs were established to give you the control over your feed costs and nutritional supplementation. This not only gives you more flexibility, it also ensures that your herd is provided complete nutrition for the highest levels herd health and production.

We realize that the economy will take time to recover. That is why it is more important than ever to minimize costs for dairy producers, while enhancing performance. We are able to net dairy farmers larger profits because our tools and services are vastly superior to our competitors. The technology we created and developed is cutting edge and maximizes the profitability of the nutrition program. Furthermore, we own and operate two feed analysis labs that also give our clients advantages in decision making, with real-time data and feedstuffs evaluation.



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Our expert dairy consultants have personal dairy farm management backgrounds and are passionate about serving the best interests of the industry. Utilizing methods from the past and keeping an eye on the future of dairy farm production, Ghost Hollow Consulting can help you by providing solutions that generate profitable results by maximizing dairy production.

One of the key reasons why we are so successful in what we do is that we provide individual attention to all of our valued clients, on their terms. Communication that is open and often, in conjunction with our eyes on clients’ cows and records ensures that no problem areas are missed and allows for proactive, instead of reactive, change facilitation. There is nothing more important than delivering to our clients the best, most optimized nutrition programs available.